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Our services


Flexible Drop Off & Pick Up Times

We are open 8 - 11am  and 2 - 4pm daily 

 with drop off and pick up times  

    between 8am - 1030 am and                         2pm -3.30pm. 

However we know that sometimes it may not always be possible to arrive/leave at that time. We are happy to offer flexible drop off and pick up times by negotiation. Please chat to our friendly staff about your needs. 

Stimulating Environment with lots of love & care.

Cats love stimulation and it is important for their mental and physical well being. All cats staying with us have access to individual scratching posts, climbing frames and toys within their room

In addition, each cat in care is fully supervised and allowed to explore outside their room on a daily basis with access to the play room. All cats get cuddles and one on one time with staff on a daily basis. Playtime and cuddles are provided at no extra charge. We love ensuring cats are happy. 

Short and Long Term Boarding

We are flexible with the length of time your cat needs to stay. There is no minimum day/night requirements & day boarding is welcome. 

Long Term Boarding available & discounts apply for stays longer than 4 weeks (outside school holiday periods).

Multiple Cat Discounts

Sometimes life is too short to have just one cat. We offer discounts for multiple cats boarding from one family. Ask our staff for details.

Seniors Care

Sometimes older cats need a bit more TLC especially when out of their home environment.

We are happy to care for senior cats and provide heated bed pads when required, additional step up benches to assist with mobility and increased monitoring at no extra charge. 

Custom Diets 

Cats can be fussy about what they eat. We make every effort to ensure that we provide the food they like and are guided by your choice. We stock a large variety of food to suit your cats taste. Cats are provided with 2 meals per day and have constant access to

fresh water and biscuits for snacking. 

If your cat has special requirements, please feel free to contact us to discuss.


24hr Vet Access

Our facility has a good working relationship with a number of veterinary practices. Should the need arise, we have 24 hour access to local veterinarians including Public Holidays. We will always keep you informed if we have any concerns or need for veterinary assistance. 

Medication Administration

Just like humans, sometimes your cat will require medications. We are happy to administer oral or topical medications at no extra charge. 

Cat Updates

We know sometimes that you may want to check in and see how your cat is. We are happy to be contacted for updates and can supply photos via text/messenger if you request at no extra charge 

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