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All cats must be fully vaccinated with F3 or F4 vaccination prior to boarding. The minimum time frame for vaccination is 10 days prior to boarding.

You will be required to present current certificate of vaccination on arrival to Kangy Cat Cottage.

We are happy to take kittens for boarding provided they have been fully vaccinated.


Please transport your cat to us in a secure carrier.

We ask that you leave the carrier with us during your cats stay.



To ensure the comfort of all cats, we require cats to be treated for fleas 24 hours prior to boarding. If your cat is on an tablet preparation we require the date of when this was last administered.

If fleas are found on your cat on arrival, a $15 treatment fee will apply.

We are happy to apply/administer ongoing preventative treatment for your cat during boarding at no charge if you supply the treatment.


We are happy to administer oral/topical medications provided they are clearly labelled with your cats name and instructions.

Please ensure that you provide adequate supply for duration of boarding.

Agreed Conditions of Boarding

All cats are to be fully immunised (F3). Up to date immunisations certificates must be sighted on arrival to boarding.

I declare that my cat has been wormed and treated for fleas at time of booking and is not suffering from any infectious disease or parasite infection. A fee of $15.00 will be charged if fleas are found on cat and treatment is applied.

I hereby authorise Kangy Cat Cottage to seek veterinary attention should this be required and I agree to pay all associated costs.

Full payment is required in advance at commencement of boarding

Boarding rates are charged per calendar day

Kangy Cat Cottage reserves the right to refuse any animal for boarding without explanation.

Under no circumstances will Kangy Cat Cottage be held responsible for injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any cat staying at the boarding facility arising out of the behaviour of the cat and I agree to indemnify the principles of Kangy Cat Cottage against any actions, claims or demand arising out of the conditions or behaviour of the cat.

Kangy Cat Cottage has the right to rehome cats which have not been collected within 14 days’ notice of agreed pick up dates.


Payment by Internet Banking must occur at least 3 days prior to boarding.

Cash Payment on 1st day of Boarding.

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